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Report query


this page is a public enquiry system. It can only be used to inquire about the certificate information issued by the company.
the system data is only used for customer query, check the certificate, report authenticity, do not use it;
the certificate number must be completed (including space) to verify and query the certificate, and the certificate number location is as follows:
4.如果查询不到证书信息或与证书内容不相符时,请将证书扫描, 致电于我们电话:hk@okaicert.com 邮箱:HK@okaicert.com
if the query fails to get the certificate information or does not match the content of the certificate, please scan the certificate.      Call us on the phone: hk@okaicert.com Mailbox: HK@okaicert.com
Ngân hàng hạnh phúc if you need to check other international certification projects progress and certificates, download the report, please login to customer service system and welcome to consult online customer service.

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