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European Union food grade test 1935/2004/EC

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Introduction to European food grade
European food grade test 1935/2004/EC
The eu's latest directive on contact with food, 2004/1935/EC, came into force on October 27, 2006. Since then, all materials exported to the eu in contact with foodstuffs must comply with the relevant standards of 1935/2004/EC, the European food grade test of 1935/2004/EC
1935/2004/EC standard test
No. 1935/2004/EC stipulates the introduction of mandatory labeling, materials and electrical appliances that have direct or indirect contact with food shall follow the following instructions:
Or "contact with food";
Or follow the instructions of the appliance, such as: coffee machine, electric kettle, etc.;
Or in accordance with the symbol specified in 1935/2004/EC;
States targeted by the 1935/2004/EC regulations
1935/2004/EC is a framework regulation, eu member states have: Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, France, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, omar, Estonia, Lithuania, the Czech republic, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, 27 countries, including Germany, France, Britain, Italy has its own local laws and regulations, in addition to comply with the eu food grade instruction Regulation (EC) No1935/2004 request, It is also required to comply with the local regulations of Germany (LFGB), France (DGCCRF), the United Kingdom (UK SI 898:2005) and Italy (ItalianDecree of the Ministry of Health (DM or DMH).
Which products require eu food grade testing?
Pot, shovel, cutlery, cup, bottle, brush, grill, bamboo stick, knife and fork, bowl, plate, chopsticks, plastic wrap, egg beater, soybean milk machine, coffee machine, thermos cup, thermos pot, chocolate paper holder, cake paper holder, food wrapping paper, food packaging, tape, etc.
Common materials European food grade test requirements for 1935/2004/EC:
1935/2004/EC plastics 2002/72/EC comprehensive migration test
Determination of the amount of lead and cadmium dissolved in ceramic glass 2005/31/EC
1935/2004/EC silicone rubber AP(2004)5 comprehensive migration test
1935/2004/EC melamine resin AP(2004)5 comprehensive migration test, dissolution test
1935/2004/EC organic coating AP(2004)1 comprehensive migration test
Comprehensive migration test of rubber AP(2004)5&93/11/EEC, nitrosamine content test, aromatic amine migration test
AP(2002)1 test, corrosion resistance test, heavy metal test
1935/2004/EC wood test, dissolution test
1935/2004/EC metal, alloy, and electroplating heavy metal dissolution test

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