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Kuwait KUCAS

The Kuwait conformity assurance programme (KUCAS) consists of two forms of certificate:
1) Technical Evaluation Report (TER), the full name of which is Technical Evaluation Report, is used to prove that the product meets the requirements of the scheme and can be exported to Kuwait.
2) the Technical Inspection certificate (TIR) is a mandatory document, the full name of which is Technical Inspection Report. For each batch of goods exported to Kuwait, TIR or "clearance permit document" must be submitted, either of which can be used as a prerequisite for final customs clearance
If the shipment volume is large and frequently controlled products in the catalog, it is suggested to apply for TER first, TER certificate is product registration certificate
Application for TER requires the following materials:
1) test report of the product: the report shall be issued by a qualified third-party testing institution, and there is no need to test otherwise if there is already a valid test report.
3) fill in the TER application form: the blank application form can be processed by submitting the above information to the designated KUCAS agency. If the shipment is not frequent, you can apply for the TIR certificate directly before each shipment.
TIR application requires the following information:
1. Packing List: Packing List
2. The Proforma Invoice
3. Test report of the product: it needs to be issued by a qualified third-party testing institution. If there is a valid test report, it does not need to be tested separately.
4.CoC application form: the blank application form shall be provided by the handling institution
In addition to submitting the above information, the application for TIR shall also arrange the inspection of goods. The following are the inspection requirements of Kuwait:
1) the origin label "Made in China" must appear on the product, inner package and outer package. Also, "Made in China" must be engraved or printed (cannot be erased), no stickers are accepted, they are required on every product and package.
2) the product specifications must be in Arabic
3) mandatory frequency: 50 HZ; Applicable voltage: 230 V, 240 V4) plug and socket special requirements: must be English triangle plug and socket (BS1363
TER and TIR recognition flow process (common mode) conform to IEC17025 laboratory test report (AOC)↓ application TER certificate ↓ inspection goods ↓ issue TIR certificate



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