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What are the common product standards for LVD directive in C

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The "low voltage" in the CE certification does not refer to 3, 5, or 12 volts. Low-voltage equipment is defined as electrical equipment with rated voltages of 50 to 1000 volts at alternating current and 75 to 1500 volts at direct current. Broadly speaking, low-voltage devices include consumer products and devices designed to operate within this voltage range. For the purpose of this directive, "electrical equipment" means all products designed for use between 50V and 1,000v ac voltage and 75V and 1,500v direct charge.
Such as:
CE standard for household appliances (EN60335)
CE standard for lamp products (EN60598)
CE standard for audiovisual products (EN60065)
CE certification standard for information products (EN60950)
CE standard for electrical machinery (EN60204)
CE standard for measuring instruments (EN61010)
If the equipment complies with specific safety requirements approved by all member states, then it complies with these provisions. Without affecting other forms of proof, the conformity can be proved by referring to the collaborative standards that specify good design methods. The establishment time of LVD was earlier than that of CE mark. CE mark is the new directive drafted by the European Union in recent years. Directive 93/68/EEC modified the LVD to meet today's requirements. According to directive 93/68/EEC, manufacturers or authorized representatives in the eu may draw up a declaration of conformity and attach a CE mark to the product to indicate compliance with the LVD and relevant regulations. Starting from the time the product is put on the market, the manufacturer must keep the technical documents for 10 years for inspection by relevant units.