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Bluetooth BQB authentication

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What is BQB certification?
What is QDL (DID) column name authentication?
1. BQB Certification: If your product has Bluetooth function and has Bluetooth logo on the appearance of the product, you must pass a certification called BQB.
2. QDL column name: Bluetooth product "final product list", the original title: EPL column name refers to Bluetooth BQB certification column form, such as Bluetooth speaker finished products, if Bluetooth module has passed BQB certification, then Bluetooth speaker this product can not re-apply for BQB certification, as long as the module supplier's authorization, you can Upload the product in the form of listing to the BQB website. * From 2012, the QDID number of BQB changed to DID number* from February 2014, the change of EPL column name to QDL column name is a way of listing (similar to the previous EPL column name). DID is the number of QDL, similar to certificate number, because after successful application for QDL column name, the certificate will reflect the DID number. So now it can also be called QDL column name DID column name, the nature is the same. (RIV: 1882-43O 2-181)

Cost of BQB Certification
1. Annual membership fee is $7,500 per year. Within the validity period of the year, the application fee for each product is $4,000 for a period of 1-2 weeks. The test report is required for the first application.
2. Non-annual membership, applying for $8000 per product. *** At present, the test fee is as follows: Bluetooth test of 2.02.1 version, RF part 25000 RMB, each Profile test fee 3000 RMB, time 4 weeks. If it is 2.0 + EDR, or 2.1 + EDR, the test fee is 45000 for the RF part and 3000 for each Profile test for 4 weeks. * EDR Bluetooth Enhancement Rate is characterized by greatly improving the data transmission rate of Bluetooth technology, reaching 2.1Mbps, which is three times the current Bluetooth technology. So in addition to more stable audio streaming and lower power consumption, you can also make full use of the bandwidth advantage to connect multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time * Profile: Defines how a device can achieve a connection or application, you can understand Profile as a connection layer or application layer association; in all of the Profiles, there are four. Basic Profile. These Profiles will be used by other Profiles, including GAP/SDAP/SPP/GOEP Profile preparation information: application form, product description, functional block diagram, electrical schematic diagram, PCB wiring diagram, Bluetooth antenna specifications, BOM, business license copy, enterprise mailbox, website, products. picture
Expenses for QDL listing
About Bluetooth BQB to do QDL updates, starting from February 1, 2014 to do QDL listing, SIG has to charge. There are two situations:
One is free: the original module of A company application, now the finished product is also A company application, that is free of charge.
There are two kinds of charges, which are divided into three kinds.
1. Non-annual members who need to purchase the right to use QDL's DID have their own DID number, which is $8,000 per member (can apply in a series of applications).
2. Annual membership (which pays 7500 USD per year), and the cost of buying DID number is $4000 per member (which can be applied for in a series of models).
3. From February 1, the discount for less than one and a half years (i.e. 18 months) is: never applied for BQB or EPL before, the annual turnover is less than $1 million (can be declared), the fee is $2500 a (can be applied according to a series of models)* At present, according to the information feedback from customers, if the company is newly established, the discount is: It is still possible to apply for a new business license and to provide a true business statement that reflects the company. If the financial statements are audited, the company has two opportunities to apply for 2500 USD.
(Financial statements are required) Prepare information:
1. Company Information (Name, Address, Contacts, Contact Information, Enterprise Mail)
2. Product Model and Name
3. Provide the registered username and password (you can register with SIG yourself)
4. Samples or sample photos (multi-faceted appearance photos)
5. Authorization (for module companies to provide)
6. Product pictures (no real pictures are needed)
Some information about DID column names
1. The listed company of finished products is the best final shipper, so that the company and website information of late shipment can correspond.
2. Bluetooth version 2.0 will no longer accept DID listings from November 2014.
3. About the model of the product, it is better to be consistent with the final product. If there are too many models, you can apply for them several times.
4. If you apply for many models, you can confirm with the customer whether his customers will need to see product pictures on the website. If so, you can turn the pictures of multiple models into one picture.
5. There is no limit on the validity of the DID number. As long as the Bluetooth module is unchanged, the DID number of BQB is always valid, then the DID number of the product is always valid.
6. If the finished product company applies for DID number with a module, then it does not need to pay the listing fee, just pay the service fee.

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