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Explosion-proof certification

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Explosion-proof certification
Explosion-proof certification is used to confirm that the equipment meets the requirements of explosion-proof standards, type tests and routine tests, and to issue relevant certificates. Certificates can be for Ex devices or Ex components.
Foreign institutions
There are many certification bodies at home and abroad.
International-Europe France
ATEX-European Commission Directive on Equipment and Protection Systems for Potential Explosive Environments (94/9/EC)
CEE - International Committee on Rules for Accreditation of Electrical Equipment
IEC-International Electrotechnical Committee
CENELEC-European Organization for Electrical Standardization
ISO--International Organization for Standardization
LLOYD'SREGISTER OF SHIPPING--Lloyd's Classification Society
LCIE-French Central Laboratory
Britain Denmark
BASEEFA-British Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Inspection Bureau
BSI--British Standards Society
SFA--Special Flammable Atmosphere
DEMKO--Danish Electrical Technical Committee
USA Germany
F M-Factory Mutual Assistance Research Society
U L-Insurer Laboratory
NEC--National Electrical Regulations
DIN--German Standards Society
BVS-German Bureau of Mine Equipment Inspection
Canada Norway
CSA - Canadian Standards Association DET NORSKE VERITAS--Norwegian Classification Society
Netherlands Japan
KEMA - Netherlands Electrical Commission
ML - Ministry of Labor
NK - Japan Shipping Association
CQST-National Explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
NEPSI-National Explosion-proof Safety Supervision and Testing Station for Instruments and Instruments
PCEC-National Explosion-proof Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Tianjin)


Inspection Guidelines
When applying for the explosion-proof certificate and test report, the explosion-proof electrical products manufacturing enterprises shall process and provide information and prototype according to the following procedures.
Inspection materials
1. Enterprise Certificate
Copies of business licenses of enterprises (at the time of initial inspection), letters of introduction/letters of attorney/letters of application.
2. Enterprise Quality Assurance Certificate
According to the regulations of GB3836.1-2010, enterprises should provide corresponding quality assurance certificates when submitting for trial. When enterprises pass ISO9000 series certification, they can provide copies of ISO9000 series certification.
3. Technical Information
The technical data submitted by the enterprise for examination include enterprise standards or technical requirements, product drawings, use instructions, etc. All technical information should be in duplicate.
A) Enterprise standards/technical requirements
Enterprise standards/technical requirements of products should be compiled in a prescribed format. The contents should include not only the performance requirements of products, but also the explosion-proof related contents, such as basic parameters, explosion-proof marks, use environment conditions, explosion-proof performance requirements, explosion-proof performance related tests, explosion-proof related marks, etc.
B) Product drawings
When the enterprise applies for the explosion-proof certificate of intrinsically safe electrical equipment, it should provide assembly drawing, circuit schematic diagram, printed circuit board drawing, screen printing, component material table and nameplate drawing, etc. When an enterprise applies for the explosion-proof certificate of non-intrinsically safe electrical equipment, the inspection technical data shall include drawings reflecting the explosion-proof performance of the sample (including assembly drawings and parts drawings). When the general drawing can clearly indicate the explosion-proof parameters and structure of the product, it can also be sent only to the general drawing for inspection.
C) Instructions for Use
The instructions should include basic parameters, explosion-proof marks, product outline, installation, maintenance, order instructions and notices to users to ensure explosion-proof performance of products in installation and use.
D) Other information
For products with adhesives and pouring seals, corresponding adhesives, type names of pouring sealants, performance descriptions and relevant process documents should be provided. For the products with plastic shell, the material and performance documents of the plastics should be provided.
4. Samples submitted for inspection for application for explosion-proof certificate
The sample machine submitted for inspection by the enterprise shall be in accordance with the audit drawings and be fully assembled, and the number of inspection stations shall meet the requirements. If there are special disassembly tools, they should be sent together. For pouring and sealing electrical equipment, one set of products with good pouring and sealing and one set of products without pouring and sealing should be sent. The transparent parts of the observation window should be sent 5 pieces, at least 3 pieces. Transparent parts of lamps and lanterns shall be sent 8 pieces, at least 5 pieces. The aging test of rubber should provide 35 x 15 x 6 rubber blocks with 3 to 5 pieces. Two pieces of plastic sheets with a diameter of 150 x 60 shall be provided for the determination of insulation resistance of plastic enclosures. If the size permits, the plastic shell can be directly measured.
5. Application methods:
5.1 Free application: Inspection units apply by themselves, prepare relevant information, assist in debugging the prototype by themselves, and modify the non-standard parts of the data by themselves. The period is relatively long and the comprehensive cost is high.
5.2 Agent application: Agent application refers to the whole process of agent application by the professional explosion-proof electrical technical service organization. The intermediate data modification, prototype debugging and progress coordination are handed over to the agency* according to the authorization, and the progress is better guaranteed. The certificate can be obtained about 30 days after the signing of the commission agreement in the middle. It is necessary to pay some agency fees.
Explanation on the time of evidence collection:
The drawings and samples are complete, and all meet the requirements of the standard. There is no special complex test, usually for one month.
Explanation of Forensics Cost
According to the product explosion-proof sign, product complexity, size, whether there are complex test items, consider the representative model. Generally, it is about 10,000 yuan, representing each model plus 10%. If the charges for large-scale complete sets of products, series of products or centers are not listed in the standard, they shall be determined through consultation in accordance with the Contract Review Procedure.
If the content of explosion-proof qualification certificate is incorrect, it should be changed in time, the address of the unit and the name of the original manufacturer should be changed with the change procedure and application letter.
Renewal of Certificate at maturity
When the validity period of the explosion-proof certificate of an enterprise is about to expire, the enterprise shall provide an application letter for renewal of the certificate within three months before and after the validity period, and shall apply for renewal of the certificate again with the following information. If there is any accident, we should inform our center in time. The application letter includes the product name, model, original explosion-proof grade, the original explosion-proof certificate number and the description of whether the product has been changed or not. Enterprises should also send expired explosion-proof certificates and technical data submitted for inspection to the center for re-examination, and provide samples for re-examination.
Scope of application
The new implementation rules are divided into 17 product units:
1. Explosion-proof motor: center height < 160mm, or rated power < 15kW, explosion-proof motor: 160mm < center height < 280mm or 15kW < rated power < 100kW, explosion-proof motor: 280mm < center height < 500mm or 100kW < rated power < 500kW, explosion-proof motor: center height > 500mm or rated power > 500kW.
2. Explosion-proof electric pumps
3. Explosion-proof distribution devices, explosion-proof switches, control and protection products
5. Explosion-proof starters
6. Explosion-proof transformers
7. Explosion-proof electric actuators and solenoid valves
8. Explosion-proof socket device
9. Explosion-proof monitoring products
10. Explosion-proof communication and signal devices
11. Explosion-proof air-conditioning and ventilation equipment
12. Explosion-proof electric heating products
13. Explosion-proof accessories and Ex components
14. Explosion-proof Instruments and Instruments
15. Explosion-proof sensor
16. Safety Gates
17. Explosion-proof instrument boxes.

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