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How much does ETL certification cost?

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ETL is North America's most dynamic security authentication marks, by Thomas Edison was founded in 1896 is the OSHA (the occupational safety and health administration) approved by the NRTL (national laboratory). Through more than 100 years the ETL logo has been the major north American retailers and manufacturers are widely recognized and accepted as UL enjoys a high reputation.. The ETL logo is the exclusive logo of Intertek group, the world's leading quality and safety organization. The product representatives with the ETL logo meet the mandatory standards in North America and can be sold in the north American market smoothly.
The ETL certification fee should be known and paid
Test fees in addition to the test fee, apply for the ETL certification also need to pay for the following: the first factory examination: RMB 2280 (plus a travel) quarterly follow up factory examination: RMB 1240 per quarter (plus a travel) quarter certificate fees: RMB 1480 per quarter to an annual fee of printing label: RMB 3288 multiple listing fee (if you want to apply for) : RMB 1478 each multiple listing the ETL subsequent charge service fees are to control the number of units for have not been evaluated by the national laboratory (NRTL) test and the column name of key parts, we will ask for random testing, annual audit and the components, the resulting costs borne by the applicant or the relevant company.